Imagine Behavioral Health, LLC, is certified by the Mississippi Department of Mental Health to provide the following services:

• Intensive Outpatient (IOP) and Outpatient services to adolescents, college age emerging adults, and adults experiencing severe distress as a result of mental illness and/or substance abuse concerns.

• DUI Assessments.



At Imagine, we embrace these five fundamental concepts:

• Suffering is inevitable.

• People can change.

• Healing generally takes place within the context of a relationship.

• The ability to choose is our most powerful ability.

• Psychiatric disorders as well as addictions have mental, physical, and spiritual  components.



Our primary goal for all our clients is to restore hope, facilitate healing, and open doors to a new freedom.

Underscoring this primary goal, we strive to:

• Empower individuals to take responsibility for their actions

• De-stigmatize mental illness and addiction

• Restore broken relationships

• Identify and overcome self-defeating behaviors and beliefs

• Develop healthy boundaries

• Equip clients with the necessary tools for recovery and relapse prevention

• Assist in facilitating change

• Restore healthy self-esteem by boosting self-image and self-concept